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3/5th of the deviations here is literature and about 1/5th is my crappy work, and the remainder is my friend's work.


All the coolest deviations, as well as Australia pics, here.


Ninja Turtle V4 - group shot UPDATE!!!! by onetruth

Now this is what I am talking about and Bebop is awesome to me!! Now I got an idea of what the actual heights of the villains and the T...

Rocksteady Height Chart by onetruth

This is beyond cool and I wonder how it's not the height in the game and 80s cartoon, but by far, it's the most detailed character of a...

I love it and it's so pretty~ I love the way you have your technique of having my OC being more regal than ever before. The shading is ...

Sonaze X by Sonicguru

Love it and no problems. Just envious of your techniques and so wanted to do it on Photoshop or other programs, but damn Microsoft only...


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I want this wallpaper

Checa este wallpaper por DaveApps… increible fondo de mi serie favorita para Android y Windows Phone
My last prediction for the Death Battle between Luthor vs. Stark was way off, so my next prediction on the battle between Goliath of Gargoyles and Hank McCoy of X-Men is that the leader of the Gargoyles will dominate the fight with his 2000 year experience of combat and off the bat instincts of gargoyle, compare to Hank McCoy's animal instinct and human intelligence of over 60 years, so i am thinking that if Goliath plays his cards right, he'll be the victor.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
Jester knocks on Blade's door
"I feel weird" looking down at his robe, only thing he was wearing
"why Blade want me come with only a robe on?"
Blade opens the door and smiles.
"Good, you came. Come in" He said inviting the second in command into his room
"yeah" he walks in
"Blade, why did you ask me come naked" he turns and looks at the room trying hide a blush "I mean" crossing his legs to try and ignore the growing erection
Blade smiles.
"I think we both know why I asked you to come here naked" He said closing and locking the door.
"You don't need to be uncomfortable around me Jess."
he crosses his legs
"I don't" he moans by accident sitting on a dildo that goes right into his rear
"oh god, why didn't I look"
his dick now fully erect and throbbing, he stays seated biting his lip uncrossing his legs to let Blade see his throbbing erection in all its glory
Blade removes his hook and Blade, replacing them with wooden arms and hands.
After all he cared about Jester too much to harm him.
His own erection starting to show. Jester was certainly larger down below than he had first thought
Jester suddenly gris his own cock and slowly rubs it "oh Blade" his eyes closed tight forgetting he was there "your so big, harder" he started to slowly bounce on the dildo in his ass moaning while jerking himself off
Blade chuckles walking over and pulls Jester into a deep kiss. "If you want me so badly. You should of said" he chuckled, his hand holding onto Jester's
he gasped "shit, I forgot you were ....were" taking his hand of his throbbing dick and opens Blade's gown looking at his erection "you" he looks up and grips Blade's member
Blade slowly starts to rub his hand up and down Jester's dick, eventually getting faster "Someone's a big and excited boy down there"
Jesters hand is trembling unable to do Blade panting and moan trying keep his volume down "oh god, oh my, please go faster, master go faster" griiping Blade's arm
Blade smiles and happily obliges. "You've been craving this for a long time haven't you little Jess?"
"yes master, I have" moaning like a litle girl laying back "I'm your, a dirty clown, Im soo bad" bucking his hips "and soooooooooo close" he squeals our
"You know you can't finish until master says so." Blade teased, he could feel how close Jester was
"b....b..but master I need to cum, I ... I can't hold it in" he tries hold back but a spray of cum shoots out covering Blades face "I'm sorr master"
"Someone's been a very naughty boy" Blade said gripping Jester's dick hard
"ahh" he squirms lightly "what you going" he bites his lip suddenly become rock hard again, his dick throbbing even more then last time "what you going do mas.... " pausing wanting try something new "what you going do father?"
"Father eh? Well little boy daddy is going to teach you not to disobey me" he said with a smile before kissing him deeply
he kisses back and smiles inncently "I tried my best daddy to hold back, but it was too much for me, with this dildo in my ass"
Blade chuckles and quickly removes the dildo from Jester's rear. "Why have a fake when if you're a good boy you can have the real thing"
"I'm a bad boy" he pushes him back and blinked going over Blade's knee "bad boys don't get rewards"
Blade nods and starts to spank him. "Who's a naughty naughty boy?"
"I am" he moans his throbbing errection touching Blade's errection rubbing against it slowly
Blade moans quietly and Jester uses this to his advantage
Jester pushes off and licks the tip of Blades throbbing Errection very slowly "your cock tastes so good Father" deep throating it fast and suddenly
Blade moans louder
"come on Father" he winks "tell me how much you love this"
"You're a cunning little" Blade began but moans again as Jester continues
he pulls a bag over and smirks and pulls out some sex toys "I know you have this, along with nude pictures of me, I placed the nude shots there" pushing a vibrator deep in to Blade's add
Blade gasps in surprise.
"Ohh you are definetilly a cunning little boy"
he twists it up to max and looks at him "remember you can't cum till I let you" standing up looking at him "my dick is bigger then yours Blade"
Blade tries holding back.
"Oh god I need to release the beast" he groaned
"how long can you hold back" he says as he got on top and slowly pushes Blade's throibbing dick into his own anuas "Oh god,, FUCK ME BLADE!!"
Blade smiles happily doing as he's told
he leans on Blade's shoulder "I ... I .. I know you got hydrolic arms that can do this faster, don't lie to me, I saw you use it to make you cum multiple times very quickly once"
Blade nods
he gives Blade the hydrolic arms "can they be used on girls??"
"In theory yes"
he whispers Leech's name into Blade's ear "now fuck me, I want feel your cock punish my virgin ass"
Blade nods and quickly gets started not being needed to be told twice
he gasped "how does this arm go" moaning loud "Blad... why is there" he gasps feeling one of them grip his member "you can fuck me with one arm?"
"Did I forget to mention that?" Blade asked innocently before getting faster
Jester soon is moan far too loud unable to contain the enjoyment any longer "Blade, Blade, Blade" repeating his name over and over again as his throbind cick spewed out cum of the third time as in many minutes thinking how many times is Blade going make me cum?
Blade finally slows down
he looks at him with puppy dog eyes "I didn't ask you to slow down yet"
He smiles "if that's what my boy wants"
"I want you fuck me till I am begging you to stop, I want my dick to be so wet from the ammouynt of times I cum that I will never forg" he pauses seeing Leech Woman standing nude by a open window "Hey Leech"
Blade blinks looking at the only female in the group. "Well, this is awkward"
he leans in and whispers "Blade, how fast can you thrust into my ass but also thrust my errection in Leech's very damp pussy?"
"Very fast but be careful. If Decapitron catches us or finds out if Leech gets pregnant we're dead"
"Leech wanting feel what its like get fucked like never before by" he shows Leech his enormous throbbing dick
Leech nods walking over
he pulls her over and teases her "Blade, do you have hold her so that you do me an I do her??"
Blade nods getting up
"Blade is going hold you, and then, well its going be fast, I think he might rub your clit from time to time, so you probably orgasam everytime he touches it"
Leech nods understanding, she didn't speak because she had a sore voice
he pushes deep into Leech and whispers "do you care if I finish in you?"
She shakes her head
"come on Blade, faster then last time, I want make Leech moan louder then ever before" he winks at Leech
Leech gives Jester a quick peck on the cheek.
Blade nods and starts again
he grips Leech holding a vibrator and ushes it deep into her ass set still to max speed as he hard errection gets pushed into what Jester thinks is the tighest vagina he's ever felt as he moans softly and loud into Leech's ear
Leech moans aswell
"Leech your so fucking tight, I want hear you beg to cum the first time" he slaps her ass hard
Leech smiles and nods
he looks at Blade and smirks "surley you can go faster" he whispers to Leech woman "call him father and say something about this being slowest you've ever been fucked"
Blade goes faster before Leech can say anything
Jess meeps as his hard errection is pounded harder and faster into Leech's very tight and very wet vagina
Leech moans
"Come on Jess, surely you have more to give than that,,"
he looks into her eyes and rams his cock so far into her that it feels like even though he is thrusting there is virtually not time between his cokc leaving and slamming back into her gspot
Leech moans loudly
"how badly do you want to cum" he whispers going faster and harder
She can just about answer him
"I can't hear you" he says in a little taunting manner but also in a way Leech could enjoy
She tries speaking louder but her sore throat stops her
Jester X Blade yaoi
This is what a friend of mine show me and I am doing editing to make it better.


quetzalgirl's Profile Picture
Kathy Balog
United States
Like Beast Wars: Transformers, Megaman, Legacy of Kain, and Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and :meow: torture of Gai from One Piece.

I know, evil, but I have that way when I am in a pissed off mood, otherwise, I am a gentle person. Oh and Final Fantasy is the best!!

Faves of the Anime: Nami(OP), Portigas D. Ace(""), Walter(Hellsing), Rock Lee(Naruto), Yachiru(Bleach), Kenpachi(""), Rahab(Legacy of Kain), Axl(Megaman), Chopper(""), Kon("", comic relief), Tails(Sonic), Halibel(""), D(VHD).

Also, I am Australia in this chatroom:…; this chatroom:…; and Belarus:…

Don't diss the Aussie, mates. :iconaussielovesyouplz:

Also, in a fic, I am going to use a team of Nations as characters for a Final Fantasy storyline and the people that I hang out with:

Warrior: Prussia: :iconjerico-haystengs:

Blackbelt: Peru: :iconayama-the-empress:

Red Mage: Australia: :iconquetzalgirl:

and Black Mage: England: :icontsuki80:


RP family

:icontsuki80: - Pop

:iconayama-the-empress: - sis

:iconcrazyauna94: - little bro

:iconvampire-yuki: - my love :heart:

:iconjrkio: - a good friend of mine, don't fight with.

:iconrootface: - Damn good Russia and the one who introduced me to Hetalia in the first place, so I thank you!

:iconclairevalintine: - Australia's lover [China] [in :icongermanyhetalia13:'s rp chatroom]

:iconryotax: - bit of a fun Romano to chat with.

:iconshockbox: - true little sis, don't fuck with her. -points my daggers and guns at anyone getting any ideas- Cause I will fight to protect her.

:iconsuper-metal-sonic: - mad Rp partner in crime, don't mess with him or get a face full of poison. -eye twitch-

:iconfireheart1001: - Damn good Hellsing blooper comics artist and friend to talk to.

:iconatani4312: - good friend and mess with him, death will follow.

:iconlucario-chan: - Another partner in crime, this time, for some Soul Eater rp, so don't mess with. ;)

:iconcrazy-vampire123: - My OC's master.

:iconrachidna:- Blu Scout and my OC's nihon for the Team Fortress 2 story, "Scout's Adopted Sister."

:iconblustreak128:- cool friend to chat and rp with.

:iconheavymetalvictorian:- a real good friend

:iconphoenixhelix:- My English bf. :blushes:

:iconryuicefox:- A damn good Sniper.

:iconsheldon-clone: My little brother from Sweden.

:icongaby89229: My good friend from other part of the world

:iconbugssayian27: - my real life best friend.

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:iconmace66vw: - Fun ambassador for the rp I am with.

:iconjarret91: - Real sweetheart and lovely stallion.

:iconvictoireclinton: - my closest friend and [secret] love. ^///^

:iconangeloflight4: - My soon-to-be-Daughter-in-Law

:iconsky-91: - My Son

Current Residence: Midland, TX, sometimes in Spira or Prehistoric Earth
Print preference: Magnets
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Old School Rock, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: MS Paint
Operating System: Microsoft 2000 office
Favourite cartoon character: Rattrap(BW), Tex(RvB), Zero(MegamanX), Rhyoko(Tenchi)
Personal Quote: "Ariel remembers where others have forgotten."- Ariel the Balance
My birthday badge
   The Smithtown Animal Shelter needs change

Hello, my name is Comet, or I guess I should say my name was Comet. For you see, I am no longer among the living. I was one of the many victims of a brutal, horrific massacre that took place at the Smithtown Animal Shelter in August 2012, or more accurately, I was a victim of George Beatty's tyranny.
I would have been 6 years old today. As you can see I was quite handsome and I was charming too. In fact, I was the self appointed lap tester of the shelter. I had lots of friends, both cat and human. I was a perfectly happy, healthy and friendly boy.
The day started out like any other. The workers came in to clean and I spent my morning looking for laps to sit in and playing with the other cats. There was some commotion when George Beatty came in and started screaming at the workers and shortly after that the terror began. Little did I know how the last few hours of my life would be. We all knew something bad was afoot, all our human friends were crying and our favorite volunteer was grabbing us and trying to kiss us goodbye. It got quite scary and many cats were trying to look for places to hide. All of our cat furniture was dragged outside so we'd have no place to hide. They came at us with NETS and some of us were being caught with TONGS around our necks, I know this because that is how they caught my brother, Miller. The last time I saw my brother he was thrashing around in terror, DANGLING in the air with those tongs around his neck. One by one, we were carted away and disposed of. This went on for more than 6 hours. I was one of the last ones to be caught and after 6 terrifying hours, it was almost a relief that it would finally be over. I knew there would be no goodbye kiss for me either, for George Beatty came in the room at one point earlier in the day and screamed at my favorite volunteer friend, Karen and told her to "stop interfering." I hope she knows that we all knew that all she wanted was to give us one last kiss so that we would die knowing that WE DID matter to someone.
I don't know what I did wrong or what I did to deserve dying in such a brutal and terrifying manner. I really don't know why George Beatty wanted me dead...He didn't even know my name. Please people call the shelter and let GEORGE BEATTY have an ear full 631 360 7575 and when your done with that call call the town supervisor Patrick Vecchio 631 360 7600 and let him have it and keep calling until he gets on the phone .. Let them know we will never go away until Beatty is fired . Call the town council at 631 360 7621 And this man wants a 5000 dollars raise .lets get him out of the shelter NOW Make those phone calls .Please attend our next town hall meeting on April 23 p m 7 p m at Eugene A. Cannataro Senior Citizen Center 420 Middle Country Road Smithtown, NY 11787 and speak up for those for can not speak for themselves . Ask Town supervisor Patrick Vecchio to fire this monster immediately . Share this post and tell EVERYONE you know to like this page .

What is your favorite class in Team Fortress 2? 

9 deviants said Scout scoutplz
9 deviants said Sniper sniperplz
6 deviants said Pyro thepyroplz
5 deviants said Spy spyplz
5 deviants said Medic TF2Medicplz
3 deviants said Heavy heavyplz
3 deviants said Demoman demomanplz
No deviants said Soldiersoldierplz
No deviants said Engineer engineerplz

Stamps!! Woot!!

Sonaze Stamp by Chibi-Mars-Jane:thumb155544088: Support Stamps by jstles Seven Deadly Stamps: Vanity by Voltaira Stamps by MrFimbles STOP Animal Abuse Stamps by MoRbiD-ViXeN :thumb117376195: :thumb197064815: One Piece Strawhats Stamp by Zocho Pokeshipping Stamp by L-mon Hetalia Fan by dragon-sigma Stamp: Sakura x Rock Lee by sirbartonslady :thumb159811687: Stamp - Springshipping by Pokefan181 Chinese Zodiac - Rabbit by Sharkfold Zodiac Stamp 'Sagittarius' by Sharkfold Hetalia World Peace version 2 by dragon-sigma Early by dragon-sigma Attention Span by dragon-sigma Aurikku Stamp by MrsHighwind STAMP: Glasses by Emotikonz BigxBlaze by Flamongirl13wave stamp by PFV0-StampAPH: I love Australia Stamp by Chibikaede:thumb217136148::thumb217134392::thumb217136665::thumb217134931::thumb217135181::thumb217135984::thumb217135573:Edd R.I.P. stamp by Caramelcat123


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