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All the coolest deviations, as well as Australia pics, here.


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I am sadden to say that my great aunt Peggy passed away tonight. She was 96 when she passed away.

EDIT 1: I messed up on the age, but its still sucks that she passed away from alheimzers disease.
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Picture 2014-11-11 17-01-40 by quetzalgirl
Picture 2014-11-11 17-01-40
This is my baby drake, hatched and nearly fully grown. I am proud to be a mama!!

Wizard101: Kingsisle company.

Sabrina Sparkledust: Mine!!
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)
"You sure this is the right way?" Yuna questioned as she and Lady continued down the alleyways of the darkened city.
"Not sure, but Helix said we'd find what we're after if we kept going" Lady responded, her hand motioned over her pistol holster bracingly as if just expecting an ambush.
"Don't know why he couldn't have just told us though" she continued "Those authors and their plot twists really makes it complicated for us eh Yu?"
"Its Yuna" the former summoner irritably responded
"Whatever you say sweetheart" Lady commented playfully "Lets not sweat the details; we'll get whatever it is we're after and then we're gone." As she mentioned this lightning filled the once darkened sky and the rain began to instantly cascade down the cladly dressed duo.

"Good thing Rikku isn't here" Yuna thought aloud as she looked up to see a second bolt shimmer across the open air
"Didn't she get over that phobia?" the Devil hunter questioned as she ran her hand through her dripping hair, flipping them out of her line of vision.
"Yeah, but seems like a lot of the authors saw it as a good plot device so she got it back" Yuna mused as she looked around as while the rain continued its dance and began bringing out the features of her slender and man attracting body. "Wonder if..." She muttered before rushing over to one of the nearby doors to see if it would open, to her luck it was unlocked. "Heh, nice.... Lady?" she turned round to see the devil hunter was looking at her with her head tilted; her eyes gazing down across the her posterior with a look she was only beginning to understand herself. "Umm...Lady?"
"Uh wha?" Lady snapped out of her trance, while Yuna had been walking ahead of her towards the door she had been taking the time to admire her compatriot's body and had already been thinking of several situations where the two of them would indulge in carnal delights. She silently sighed as she was brought back from the precipice of her imagination with the heterochromatic eyes of Yuna looking over her shoulder at her before wandering over as the summoner opened the door and ventured in; her own pistol armed at the ready.

As they escaped the downpour they found themselves in an abandoned warehouse. The duo gazed around to find though abandoned it had not been uninhabited as they found several pieces of furniture littered about the place and a metal barrel that was still housing a flame. Lady took the time to take the lead herself and started examining a queen size bed that looked like it was well looked after despite its location. Yuna took the liberty to sit down on one of the recliners after relieving herself of the rucksack she was carrying.
"Looks like theres a group making camp" Lady analysed aloud in a puzzled manner. "Didn't Helix say this place was completely void of people though?" Yuna asked as she rummaged through the pack and brought out a can labeled U.L.I.A.C.
"Maybe they just stayed a while and left..." the devil hunter frowned before looking over at the former summoner suddenly wide eyed as she noticed the label on the can. "DON'T DRINK..." But her warning had come a little too late as Yuna had already taken a few swigs from the can in question.
"Hmmm? What?" Yuna mused as she parted the aluminium from her lips.
"Where'd you get that?!" Lady panicked as she rushed on over and took the can from her perplexed partner.
"It was in the bag pack" Yuna replied with a raised brow "Why?"
"Its one of Helix's U.L.I.A.Cs!" Lady swallowed hard.
"Unidentified. Liquid. In. A. Can! One of his personal plot twisting devices, once drunk its capable of almost anything, but its always random: noone not even Phoenix Helix-Sama himself can predict the result until its too late..." she sighed and crushed the aluminium in her grip "And you just downed a good portion of it..."
"Couldn't be that bad." Yuna chirped "Tasted kinda tangy...oh..."
"Yu? Whats up?" Lady asked concerned then blinked hard when Yuna stood up, removed the Jecht symbol from her top before that too was removed.
"Getting...really warm..." the former summoner muttered, her breath becoming ragged as then ran her fingers across her forehead, her cheeks then slowly began wipping across her exposed breasts in a circular fashion, humming lightly and positively.
Lady's jaw if it could reach that far would've hit the floor at the sight and she couldn't help but feel a slight twinge between her own legs. Yuna, the self controlling ex summoner was displaying herself in a carnal light, the light from the barrel fire was casting a bronze shadow upon her slender curves, still dripping from the rain earlier. The devil hunter while worried for her partner was unable to believe how fortunate she was to see her newly discovered fantasy come to light. For years she had known she was bisexual but never had she found anyone that appealed to her that felt the same way, until now. And so she couldn't help but ask. "Yu, you feeling horny?"

The former summoner responded with a sensual moan as her hands slipped down her lightly toned stomach and unbuttoned her saturated hotpants. Bending over she then lay on the floor to remove them and exposing her own hormone swollen femininity to her partner who could couldn't help but bite her lip. "Very..." Yuna finally purred as she gazed up at Lady with a madly driven lust burning in her green and blue eyes. "Effect of that stuff or not..." Yuna swallowed as the last of her inhibitions switched off, her hormones blazed wildly just looking up at the only other person in the room. "I'm feeling...playful..." she said it in a tone that caused Lady's jaw to completely drop as the devil hunter's own femininity suddenly twitched as a reaction. She couldn't help but slip a hand between her short skirt pants to relieve that itch that just couldn't be helped but scrathed. Yuna found herself uncharacteristically chuckling at the sight as she lay back, naked aside from her boots and began caressing one of her generous breasts with one hand and beginning to tend to her own wettening folds.

"Don't you wanna touch me?" Yuna mewled out to Lady as her fingers teased her swollen clit; making her arch her chest forward as she gasped, the weather outside somehow reacted as lightning filled the room and briefly lit up her sexually driven body in a light that reflected so well on her. Lady couldn't help but moan as her entire body tingled at the sight; she badly wanted to just rip off her own clothing, grab the former summoner and just in her own way fuck her and herself senseless but as much as she tried she found herself paralysed on the spot aside her left hand which was snaking itself down the front of her skirt pants. Her white buttoned shirt was soaking and did very little to conceal her hardened nipples which softly rose and fell as she breathed. As Yuna slipped her fingers slowly and deeply inside herself Lady couldn't help but give a muffled cry as her own orgasm was quickly rising just from the sight.
"Yu...Yuna..." she cried out.

The former summoner, responding to her name teasingly rolled over on her stomach and slowly pulled herself up onto her feet, making sure to arch her ass in Lady's direction while she secretly smiled lustfully from the devil hunter's reaction. Turning slowly she winked before wandering over, and as she approached she could feel the sexuality just dripping from her partner. Proof from her wetness wasn't needed regardless of the fact her juices were beginning to drip down her legs.

"You want me?" Yuna growled in a tone that made Lady simply cry out, suddenly the devil hunter moaned disappointedly as her hand was taken from out of her skit pants and was taken in Yuna's gently yet firm grip. Without warning the former summoner yanked Lady over to the bed and with considerable force threw her on it gaining a gasp from the devil hunter who then gazed at her with partial fear but even more wanting as Yuna began crawling up to her with agonising slowness. 'She's teasing me!' Lady thought to herself through the maelstrom of her ecstasy and was suddenly shocked as her lips were nearly crushed with Yuna's. Yuna moaned exquisitely as their deep kiss began and Lady's hormonal driven paralysis finally wore off as she wrapped her arms around her. Their lips parted and their tongues met in their personal waltz, each one trying more and more to dominate the other and in the end Yuna's won and through their making out Yuna's lips smiled in victory, but it was only breif as she gasped herself the moment one of Lady's hands slipped between the former summoner's legs and glided her fingers across her slit.

"Yeah, I fucking want you..." Lady growled dominantly causing Yuna to part her lips and gaze back with her own lustfulness never dying off, her eyes closed in rapture however the moment the devil hunter leaned in and licked a nipple from one of her perfectly sized breasts before clamping down on it at the same time she began rubbing Yuna's clit with feather lightness.

"Fuuuuck..." Yuna hissed, surprising Lady as she had never been heard to swear, at the same time as she ripped the devil hunter's top exposing her own moderately sized mammeries. She tried parting Lady but Yuna found herself meek and submissive to Lady's newfound domination and subject to the building orgasm that was filling her.
"I'm cuming! I'm cuming! I'M!" But Yuna found Lady's assault on her had ended. Confused she looked down only to be pushed forward on the mattress and pinned by the devil hunter. With a squeak from her lips Yuna found her breasts being groped by two slender but sure hands and suddenly felt her clit being stimulated again. The former summoner screamed her awaited orgasm but her voice was drowned by the lightning and the now even more vicious downpour.

Lady slipped her tongue deep between Yuna's womanhood the moment she began to orgasm and made quick work in not wasting any of her hormonally erupting juices, Lady purred as the summoner began to spasm, the orgasm had been a strong one and as the devil hunter began to pinch ther former summoner's nipples she found that her body spasmed only further and her breath became quick and laboured from ecstasy. Finally Yuna relaxed and licked her lips with a light moan just as Lady climbed on top of her, straddling one of Yuna's legs, her own soaking clit was begging for release though the devil hunter did so well to not show it in her expression.
"We've got some time to spare you know" Lady winked and gained a growl from the girl below her.

Moments later, Lady found herself in her own rapture as she knelt about Yuna with her dripping clit being attended to by the girl in mentioning. Yuna found Lady to be extremely sweet and easily responsive and so began burrowing her tongue as deep inside her as she could, her work was well rewarded; Lady found herself unable to properly tend to Yuna she was panting so much. The two were sweating profusely now from the heated actions and the storm was apparently reacting to their actions; whenever lightning struck one of them screamed in their pleasure, and whenever their lips locked together the rain poured even harder.

What seemed like hours past as the two pleasured each other, letting out all their carnal delights and it was soon wearing them out.

"Mmmph...Yu" Lady purred as they held on to each other, her clit rubbed hard against Yuna's. Yuna herself found herself too engrossed in ecstasy to respond, but the gaze on her face was enough. They soon found themselves building up to their climax and instantly as their lips locked it hit them both, sending them into a symphony of cries before they both collapsed and blanked out from the pleasure that filed them just as the lightning in the stormed over sky.

When Lady awoke she found that it was morning, the fire in the barrel had long since died and astonishingly she found Yuna sleeping next to her with her arms wrapped around her. Lady couldn't help but chuckle lightly at the cute expression of content filled the former summoner's expressions. The sound was enough to wake her though.

"Hmmughh....Lady?" Yuna groggily asked as her sapphire and emerald eyes opened.
"You're so adoreable when you're sleeping you know that Yu?" the devil hunter teased.
"Its...oh never mind..." Yuna sighed in defeat as her partner and last nights lover winked back at her, forcing her to smile. So... now its morning, think we should go looking for whatever it was Helix-Sama told us to?
"Hmm..." Lady mused as she rested her head on the pillow and gazed at Yuna "Knowing him, I'd say he somewhat knew we'd end up finding each other like this..."
"And the U.L.I.A.C?" Yuna pondered
"Probably slipped it in" Lady chuckled before pulling the former summoner into her embrace "I'm not complaining though"
"Same, Lady...I've gotta ask; WHY do they call you Lady?" Yuna giggled as she was pulled into a gentle kiss.


"Well.... There we go." Soultail mused with a chuckle as she sat on her lovers throne, overlooking on a colossal screen the whole events of the lovers night. Her leftmost tail flicked just as the door to the left opened.

"Having fun Kittie-kit?" Helix teased, his wings drooped behind his back. "Don't ya have your own Author's Throne?"
"Yeah, but I wanted to see how things' turn out through YOUR eyes, Honey-Bunny" the Twelve-tailed Kitsune playfully pouted as she stood up and wandered over with her arms opening for a hug. "Gotta say, those U.L.I.A.Cs make for a good plot..."
"Which U.L.I.A.C's?" The Phoenix raised an eyebrow puzzled but purred as his Heaven as he called her wrapped her arms around his neck.
"The ones you kept in the fridge, remember?" she replied.
"Ummm Soul... those cans didn't contain the unknown liquid; I just put Fanta in em..." Helix mentioned with a chuckle.
"No wonder Yuna said it was a bit tangy..." Soultail laughed then realised "Then that means..."
"I think Lady and Yuna would've probably gotten together anyway without it." the Phoenix shugged his shoulders and pecked the Kitsune on the cheek. "Oh by the way, Raziel nabbed one of your beers when he dropped by, how he'll drink it without lips I don't know."
"Beers? You don't mean..." Soultail's eyes widened as her lips rose in coming laughter...

Elsewhere in the city....

"GET AWAY FROM ME!!!" Dante yelled as the half devil hunter fired bullet after bullet at the blue skinned wraith, who simply swung his Wraith-Blade against each one.
"Oh come on....don't be so like Kain!" Raziel purred in his own seductive voice

"...The Dante and Raziel Fangirls are so gonna kill me..." Helix winced as he looked through the screen with Soultail on his throne laughing her head off.
A New Kind of Devil to Summon
This is written by :iconphoenixhelix: to read and it's very naughty to read if you are into Yuri


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Like Beast Wars: Transformers, Megaman, Legacy of Kain, and Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and :meow: torture of Gai from One Piece.

I know, evil, but I have that way when I am in a pissed off mood, otherwise, I am a gentle person. Oh and Final Fantasy is the best!!

Faves of the Anime: Nami(OP), Portigas D. Ace(""), Walter(Hellsing), Rock Lee(Naruto), Yachiru(Bleach), Kenpachi(""), Rahab(Legacy of Kain), Axl(Megaman), Chopper(""), Kon("", comic relief), Tails(Sonic), Halibel(""), D(VHD).

Also, I am Australia in this chatroom:…; this chatroom:…; and Belarus:…

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Also, in a fic, I am going to use a team of Nations as characters for a Final Fantasy storyline and the people that I hang out with:

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Personal Quote: "Ariel remembers where others have forgotten."- Ariel the Balance
My birthday badge
I am sadden to say that my great aunt Peggy passed away tonight. She was 96 when she passed away.

EDIT 1: I messed up on the age, but its still sucks that she passed away from alheimzers disease.
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What is your favorite class in Team Fortress 2? 

9 deviants said Sniper sniperplz
8 deviants said Scout scoutplz
6 deviants said Pyro thepyroplz
5 deviants said Spy spyplz
5 deviants said Medic TF2Medicplz
3 deviants said Heavy heavyplz
3 deviants said Demoman demomanplz
No deviants said Soldiersoldierplz
No deviants said Engineer engineerplz

Stamps!! Woot!!

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Thanks for the fave!!!! :) :D
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@Bugssayian26 Nm
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Ponysquare is down and its sad
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