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kids by quetzalgirl kids :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 0 camel by quetzalgirl camel :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 2 New bed by quetzalgirl New bed :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 41 my first tattoo by quetzalgirl my first tattoo :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 28 bad art Sans by quetzalgirl bad art Sans :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 38 Asgore's seal by quetzalgirl Asgore's seal :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 34 parasol by quetzalgirl parasol :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 13 hand fan by quetzalgirl hand fan :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 2 11 more staining by quetzalgirl more staining :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 15 staining on the rail by quetzalgirl staining on the rail :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 0 0 cat on the tv by quetzalgirl cat on the tv :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 16 sketch by quetzalgirl sketch :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 2 58 This is bad by quetzalgirl This is bad :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 479 Boo by quetzalgirl Boo :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 1 7 Tonberry plushie by quetzalgirl Tonberry plushie :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 3 25 New swimsuit by quetzalgirl New swimsuit :iconquetzalgirl:quetzalgirl 4 6
3/5th of the deviations here is literature and about 1/5th is my crappy work, and the remainder is my friend's work.


Love in the Meadow -HildaXCagney- by QueenDarike Love in the Meadow -HildaXCagney- :iconqueendarike:QueenDarike 97 1 Cuphead- Baroness Von Bon Bon x Beppi the Clown by FazFoxy Cuphead- Baroness Von Bon Bon x Beppi the Clown :iconfazfoxy:FazFoxy 19 4 Cuphead X Pokemon Recast by FangirlingArtistGal Cuphead X Pokemon Recast :iconfangirlingartistgal:FangirlingArtistGal 25 5 McCree by Mattie7 McCree :iconmattie7:Mattie7 136 7
Welcome Aboard!|Phantom Express x Ghost!Reader
"Hello? Is anybody here? I'm so...lonely..."
It's only been a few days...a few nights..since you've died. And even now, you were merely just a wandering spirit, roaming a dark and quiet forest all by yourself, calling out to someone....only to hear your own echo in return.
The sad thing was that you don't even remember how you passed or why you're unable to be at rest. It seemed as though you were forever doomed to live in this forest.
Eventually, you came across something that you've never seen before: old, rusty railroad tracks. Curious about them, you floated a little bit closer, wondering why it was only now that you were seeing them...
But it didn't take too long for the realization to hit you....the realization that these tracks belonged to-
A loud whistle startled you out of your thoughts, and you glanced up to see a purple, grey, and blue train emerge from the cavern a few miles away, approaching you at high speed.
Those glowing yellow eyes that pierced through the darkness and
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 74 33
The Casino Life|King Dice x Minion!Reader
"Oi! Gather around ya nitwits!"
King Dice whistled for his Casino minions, who all looked over at their boss in confusion.
"Um..I think we're already gathered around, Mr. King Dice," Mangosteen commented, glancing around the table to see all of his friends accounted for.
"Well, that's a good thing then," King Dice huffed as he walked over to them. And as he did so, that was when they noticed somebody in the palm of his hand that resembled a/an [object] "Cause we got ourselves a new member of the gang! Everybody meet [y/n]."
Setting you down on the table, you opened your eyes, which widened as you saw nine unfamiliar faces, who came in various shapes and sizes, surrounding you. They all resembled objects you'd normally see in a bar or in gambling.
You were a tad bit anxious about working for King Dice, but it was the only option you had left and the only way that the Devil would allow you to repay your debt. And given your size, you knew better than to challenge him.
But seeing that you
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 72 33
Number One Fan|Beppi the Clown x Reader
"U-Um..excuse me? Mr. Beppi?"
Blinking several times in surprise, the red and blue clown spun around to see you. "Oh! Why that would be me, of course~!" Beppi chuckled, a wide grin adorning his features as he clasped his hands together. "How are you today, friend? Did you come to my show? Did you enjoy it?"
You meekly nodded in response, smiling back at him. "I'm doing good...and yes I did see and enjoy the show. I love all of your performances."
"Awhh it's always nice to hear such sweet things come from a sweet person such as yourself!" He swooned. Although as he stared at you, his yellow eyes flickered with recognition. "Say...aren't you that [y/n] who volunteered at my last show?"
"Yep. That's me."
"Oh how wonderful it is to meet you again~!" Beppi hugged you for a few brief moments before he pulled away. If you didn't think his grin could get any would be wrong. "I presume you are my "Number One Fan"?"
"I guess," you shrugged. Then you shakily took out a notepad and a
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 45 22
King Dice Aesthetic by ClanWarrior King Dice Aesthetic :iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 103 21
Nothing to Fear|Papyrus x Bullied!Reader x Frisk
You and Frisk were sitting at one of [high school name]'s benches in the courtyard. It was going to be a while before school started, so you figured that you could kill some time.
Frisk was trying to teach you sign language, although they can perfectly understand what you say. Surprisingly, it seemed easier learning a new language from a friend 20 minutes each morning than from a teacher who doesn't even want to be here 45 minutes every day.
"Oh look. It's the Monster kid communicating in their strange language!" At the sound of a shrill, girly voice, you stopped what you were doing and glared over at the source.
A couple of preppy, blonde girls and their jock "boyfriends" were standing over you, giving you both dirty looks.
"Frisk..are these the people who've been bullying you?" You whispered. Frisk nodded in response.
Only you knew that they were being bullied. They practically BEGGED you to not tell Toriel, Sans, Papyrus, or anyone else that you both lived with. 
Sighing, you s
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 310 94
It's A Date! |Underswap!Sans x Reader
Before you even had time to say "what", you felt a force crash into you. If not for the warning beforehand, you surely would have fallen over.
"Sans oh my'" You grunted, as the short skeleton giggled and wrapped his arms around your neck. 
"Really?" He asked you, confused. "I'm made of bones so I should be light as fea-"
"IT'S ALL THAT ARMOR YOU HAVE ON, YOU FREAKING BLUEBERRY!! It's weighing me down! Can't you just take it off?" You whined. Sans just looked at you, shocked. "Take off my hero suit?! No way!!"
Groaning internally, you wondered why he always had to be so stubborn.
"Really, [y/n]'s not that bad." You glared up at his brother, Papyrus, who was sitting at his post and making himself a hotdog. The amount of ketchup he squirted onto it made you almost gag. "You just gotta put a little more backbone into it. Nyeheheh~" 
"Paps you're not helping-"
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 399 96
Bad Boy, Good Girl|Napstaton x Reader
"Hey Napsta, you alright?" Undyne asked, turning around to see the robot sitting on the couch and staring off into space. "You look like you're deep in thought-"
"Dude, I'm having a crisis right now don't bother me."
"C-Crisis?!" Undyne adjusted her glasses as her eyes went wide in alarm. "What s-sort of crisis?? Is something broken?! Did-"
"Oh no, no, no, it's nothin' about me, Dyne," Napstaton turned to his creator, putting his hands on his knees. "It's about that human.."
Undyne relaxed. " mean [y/n]?" She asked, sitting down next to the robot. "What about her?"
"It's just..ever since our danceoff-"
"You mean death battle?"
"I can't, like, stop thinking about her!" He groaned, ignoring Undyne's question. "It's so weird and it's kinda scaring me! I've met tons of girls but..but somehow she's different!"
"Well.." Undyne began. "[Y/n] is definitely not like Chara or any other human we've met before. Plus she's very smart considering that she solved your puzzles and answer
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 144 35
An Act of Kindness|Underfell!Asgore x Reader
"Hold still, human! Let me make this quick!"
You yelped as you dodged a fireball that came flying at you, exploding right where you stood a moment ago.
Digging your heel into the ground to maintain your balance, you glanced up at the king of the Monsters who was looming over you. His expression showed a mixture of frustration, malevolence, and exhaustion.
The battle between you and him seemed to drag on forever. All the while, however, you didn't attack him. You wouldn't even try to, even though you had the Tough Glove equipped and could really pack a serious punch (no pun intended) in.
Only on a few occasions throughout your journey were you forced to use it to survive. Everything that breathed or moved was out to kill you, and yet you felt guilty about hurting them--even if it was for self-defense.
Why you felt that weren't so sure yourself, though now you were more determined than ever to show Asgore that violence is not always the answer. Despite the nefarious acts he h
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 73 13
Don't Die On Me|Antisepticeye x Sick!Reader
"Hmmm..zhis is most unusual," Henrik frowned slightly as he placed the back of his hand against your forehead, just after removing the cool, damp cloth. "Zhis fever you have is very persistent...I don't like zhe looks of zhis...not one bit."
You blinked slowly, letting out a small "hmm" noise. Your throat was so sore you couldn't really speak at all, and your head was spinning, unable to wrap your mind around the words that the doctor was trying to say.
Who would've thought that playing outside in the snow for a few hours would have this kind of cruel, torturous consequence?
Henrik confirmed that you were running a dangerously high fever. But even as he started treatment immediately, it's been a few days and your temperature hasn't gone down a whole lot.
It was so bad you couldn't sleep, keep any food or drink down, or even talk...
Even the doctor who was always so confident in his abilities was beginning to have doubts. However with Marvin currently working on a potion that could cure
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 131 85
Protective|Cagney Carnation x Flower!Reader
You see, you were a simple flower--living in a simple garden with a much, much bigger flower. But you weren't intimidated by him at all.
In fact, Cagney was in a way like a big brother to you or a father, as he raised you and cared for you ever since the day you first sprouted. He did have quite the protective nature, too, given how young you were, but occasionally he'd let you visit the Root Pack if you promised to be back before sunset.
You've also met Cuphead and Mugman, two brothers who would often visit Cagney while he taught them about various plants and how to properly take care of one. At first you were a bit shy to talk to them, but as it turns out they were pretty nice and would often chat with you, too. Cuphead did jokingly invite you to the Devil's Casino, only to get a massive scolding from the orange and yellow flower.
All in all, though, you've made quite a few friends in Inkwell Isle One, although your friendship with Cagney was the strongest out of all of them.
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 95 42
Revenge of Djimmi the Great
In the desert. Djimmi's turban gem glows dark purple and the Darkarium energies revives Djimmi the Great.
Djimmi: Djimmi the Great's back!
The Overlord appears.
The Overlord: i see the Darkarium has revived you.
Djimmi: indeed thanks to you boss.
The Overlord: you have your strength back to exact your vengeance on the ones who destroyed you.
Djimmi: Cala Maria and her little friends Cuphead and Mugman! I'll crush them with my bare hands!!
The Overlord: don't get too confident. They're more than just foolish heroes.
Djimmi: no worries, my genie skills can make them disappear forever! (laughs)
In Inkwell Hell.
The Devil: (sees Djimmi) ah hello Djimmi. Are you here for a bet.
Djimmi: no backstabbing loser! I offer you something you can't refuse! (clenches his fist breaking a poker chip)
King Dice: (gets scared) uh oh.
Outside Cuphead and Mugman's home.
Elder Kettle: your vacation is a good one. A desert oasis is handy when it comes in surviving deserts.
Mugman: indeed. Cala Maria is
:iconnickhalperin:nickhalperin 12 107
Crow the Cameo Maker. by hansungkee Crow the Cameo Maker. :iconhansungkee:hansungkee 12 2
All the coolest deviations, as well as Australia pics, here.


Now this is what I am talking about and Bebop is awesome to me!! Now I got an idea of what the actual heights of the villains and the T...

This is beyond cool and I wonder how it's not the height in the game and 80s cartoon, but by far, it's the most detailed character of a...

I love it and it's so pretty~ I love the way you have your technique of having my OC being more regal than ever before. The shading is ...

Love it and no problems. Just envious of your techniques and so wanted to do it on Photoshop or other programs, but damn Microsoft only...


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There is a report of a bomb attack in your country and I need everyone to give me details and current standings of this horrible incident!!!
There is a report of a bomb attack in your country and I need everyone to give me details and current standings of this horrible incident!!!



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Kathy Balog
United States
Like Beast Wars: Transformers, Megaman, Legacy of Kain, and Vampire Hunter D, Hellsing, and :meow: torture of Gai from One Piece.

I know, evil, but I have that way when I am in a pissed off mood, otherwise, I am a gentle person. Oh and Final Fantasy is the best!!

Faves of the Anime: Nami(OP), Portigas D. Ace(""), Walter(Hellsing), Rock Lee(Naruto), Yachiru(Bleach), Kenpachi(""), Rahab(Legacy of Kain), Axl(Megaman), Chopper(""), Kon("", comic relief), Tails(Sonic), Halibel(""), D(VHD).

Also, I am Australia in this chatroom:…; this chatroom:…; and Belarus:…

Don't diss the Aussie, mates. :iconaussielovesyouplz:

Also, in a fic, I am going to use a team of Nations as characters for a Final Fantasy storyline and the people that I hang out with:

Warrior: Prussia: :iconjerico-haystengs:

Blackbelt: Peru: :iconayama-the-empress:

Red Mage: Australia: :iconquetzalgirl:

and Black Mage: England: :iconpresidentprincesu:


RP family

:iconpresidentprincesu: - Pop

:iconayama-the-empress: - sis

:iconcrazyauna94: - little bro

:iconvampire-yuki: - my love :heart:

:iconjrkio: - a good friend of mine, don't fight with.

:iconrootface: - Damn good Russia and the one who introduced me to Hetalia in the first place, so I thank you!

:iconclairevalintine: - Australia's lover [China] [in :icongermanyhetalia13:'s rp chatroom]

:iconryotax: - bit of a fun Romano to chat with.

:iconshockbox: - true little sis, don't fuck with her. -points my daggers and guns at anyone getting any ideas- Cause I will fight to protect her.

:iconsuper-metal-sonic: - mad Rp partner in crime, don't mess with him or get a face full of poison. -eye twitch-

:iconfireheart1001: - Damn good Hellsing blooper comics artist and friend to talk to.

:iconatani4312: - good friend and mess with him, death will follow.

:iconlucario-chan: - Another partner in crime, this time, for some Soul Eater rp, so don't mess with. ;)

:iconcrazy-vampire123: - My OC's master.

:iconrachidile:- Blu Scout and my OC's nihon for the Team Fortress 2 story, "Scout's Adopted Sister."

:iconblustreak128:- cool friend to chat and rp with.

:iconheavymetalvictorian:- a real good friend

:iconphoenixhelix:- My English bf. :blushes:

:iconryuicefox:- A damn good Sniper.

:iconsheldon-clone: My little brother from Sweden.

:icongaby89229: My good friend from other part of the world

:iconbugssayian27: - my real life best friend.

:iconartstude3n2: - a good guard and father-figure for me to look up

:iconmace66vw: - Fun ambassador for the rp I am with.

:iconjarret91: - Real sweetheart and lovely stallion.

:iconvictoireclinton: - my closest friend and [secret] love. ^///^

:iconangeloflight4: - My soon-to-be-Daughter-in-Law

:iconcryptic-91: - My Son

Current Residence: Midland, TX, sometimes in Spira or Prehistoric Earth
Print preference: Magnets
Favourite genre of music: Pop, Old School Rock, Soundtracks
Favourite style of art: MS Paint
Operating System: Microsoft 2000 office
Favourite cartoon character: Rattrap(BW), Tex(RvB), Zero(MegamanX), Rhyoko(Tenchi)
Personal Quote: "Ariel remembers where others have forgotten."- Ariel the Balance
My birthday badge
There is a report of a bomb attack in your country and I need everyone to give me details and current standings of this horrible incident!!!




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